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Updating your staff contact directory

The staff contact directory allows you to self-manage your ‘profile’ details.

Whether you are an academic or professional staff member, you can tell your colleagues and peers who you are and what you do.

In your staff profile, there are more than 20 key areas of information that you can update, including your background, the languages in which you are proficient, and a link to your Socrates profile. It is recommended at a minimum that you include your photograph and biography.

The UWA Contact Directory is a large database that includes profiles for all staff at UWA. It updates overnight. This means that if you update your details on a Monday, they will not be visible until Tuesday.

If you have any problems and your new information has not been included, contact and they will be happy to assist you.

How to access a profile

You can view the profile of any staff member using this format:

Just insert the person's first name, a full stop, then surname, for example:

How to update your profile

  • Access the directory.
  • Search for your name.
  • When your entry is displayed, click on your name (do not click on the email address).
  • Click on 'this link' to bring up a login screen.
  • Enter your staff ID as the password (including the preceding zeros).
  • Relevant details can then be added to each field. Only the fields with information completed will be displayed.
  • If you include a photo of yourself, please use a jpeg that is 270 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall.
  • Once the entry is complete, select the 'Submit changes' button. Your new details will be updated overnight.

This table is a guide to the various fields available in the staff profile, and appropriate information to include.

Fields Should contain
Biography Some background about you; where you studied, your qualifications and other information.
Roles, responsibilities and other expertise Lots of people include information about 'before' UWA or other positions at UWA
Future research
Funding received For example, grants from the ARC and NMHRC.
Industrial relevance 'Supreme Court for five years', 'BHP for ten years', and so on.
Languages Any languages that you speak and your fluency. This can include computer languages.
Memberships Any memberships of associations, societies or interest groups.
Honors and awards Any significant honours or awards you have received.
Previous positions Whatever you think people would be interested to know.
Patents Any patents you hold as a result of your work.
Publications A brief list of some of your recent publications (10-12 at the most). It can be prefaced with a short statement like 'five books and 72 peer reviewed papers including...'
Teaching Subjects in which you lecture.
Current external positions Any directorships or positions as professor or lecturer at another university.
Useful links This might include links to the Australian Research Council if you received funding, or to a university for which you worked previously.
New and noteworthy Have you recently published an award-winning article or contributed to a book?
Current projects Researchers may wish to describe projects or collaborations of note.
Personal home page If you have a personal website, you can link to it here. It should not attempt to replicate the UWA visual identity.
Research fields, courses and disciplines classification (RFCD) code Include the relevant code.

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