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Shared Computing provides a consistent and secure desktop experience for all student and public-use computers here at UWA.

Supporting the pillars of:
Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: Student Labs, Student Use Computers, Computer Labs, Kiosk Computers

By providing a single desktop environment for library and lab based student computers, Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) are able to provide a consistent computing experience across campus for staff, students and visitors. Using a single UWA login and campus-wide access to home drives and folders across all shared computers, students, staff and visitors are able to move between labs, libraries and individual computers without having to bring their files with them.

Features and Benefits


By providing a standard desktop image for all shared computers, we ensure that UWA students, staff and visitors can access their home drive from anywhere, while maintaining access to the same applications from any computer lab or subject library on campus. By providing a standard login across all shared computers, you are no longer required to remember multiple logins across campus. These features promote mobility and ease of access at UWA.

Key Features

  • Consistent Experience - We ensure that as you move between computers in libraries and labs, your experience remains the same
  • Standard Applications - The same applications are available on any shared computer
  • Access Your Files on Campus - Your home drives and documents will be available from any shared computer on campus
  • Easy Printing - Easy access to the Student Printing Service
  • UWA Login - All shared computers can be logged into using your UWA Login
  • Internet Access - Access to the Internet is available from all shared computers
  • Availability - Many shared computers are available in our subject libraries and labs, while display screens positioned in the libraries provide information on availability
  • Access Your Data - Shared computers can read data from CD-ROMs, DVDs and USB devices, and can save to USB devices.

Availability and Support

Available to:

Currently enrolled students, staff and visitors

Support Unit:

Local IT Support Groups

How do I get it:

Shared computers and Kiosk machines are placed in convenient locations, in UWA Subject Libraries and computer labs across campuses.

Support Hours:

Refer to UWA Library Opening Hours

Available from:

All UWA Subject Libraries and various teaching labs in faculty and school areas


There is no charge for this service offering


Students must be currently enrolled. Students and Staff must have an active UWA Login to access their home drives, or may log in with the provided visitor login

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Service Hours

Refer to UWA Library Opening Hours

How do I get it?

Shared computers and Kiosk machines are placed in convenient locations, in UWA Subject Libraries and computer labs across campuses.

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Individual students, staff and visitors will:

  • Take reasonable care when using shared computing equipment to avoid damage
  • Ensure that portable media used with shared computers, such as thumb drives, CDs and DVDs do not contain viruses
  • Report all issues relating to shared computers to the appropriate local IT Support groups
  • Act in accordance with the UWA Computer and Software Use Regulations
  • Be advised that data stored locally on student use computers may not be retained, and that sensitive or important files should be saved to the the home drive or personal storage.

Local IT Support will:

  • Be the first point of contact for students experiencing issues with shared computers in their areas
  • Provide troubleshooting and maintenance for Lab computers
  • Ensure that shared computers they manage are maintained and replaced such that the equipment is up to date and fit for use

Business Information & Technology Services will:

  • Ensure that security updates and patches are applied
  • Ensure that faulty machines managed by BI&TS are repaired or replaced as soon as possible
  • Ensure that shared computers BI&TS manage are maintained and replaced such that the equipment is up to date and fit for use
  • Maintain the underlying infrastructure
  • Provide Local IT Support with a base image and ensure this is kept up to date
  • Provide second level support for issues with shared computers

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